Outdoor Elements



The use of outdoor elements in landscape architecture is a key ingredient in outstanding design. Architects incorporate fireplaces, cooking stations, bars, dining & pub tables and other features into designing outdoor "places" as part of the master landscaping plan for a home, park or commercial site. 
Outdoor Living Elements design concepts...

 Fire Pits | What’s a patio without a fire pit to roast marshmallows? Concrete pavers are not only beautiful, they’re also highly fire resistant. Artchitects use fire pit features as a central focal point for patio spaces and ensure they are located safe  distances from structures and natural landscape elements.
 Outdoor Fireplaces | A great way to bring the indoors outside. Landscape designs that incorporate a traditional or contemporary fireplace become an outdoor living room and natural gathering palce. Architects position fireplaces as a stand-  alone feature or incorporate into a matching retaining/seat wall to delineate spaces.

 Water Features | Water features using concrete blocks can be incorporated into tight spaces creating soothing and intimate landscapes. 
 Outdoor Grills and Cooking Stations | One of the most popular outdoor elements, an outdoor cooking station with all the conveniences of a modern indoor kitchen.  Just like an indoor kitchen, artchitects are designing 
 elaborate outdoor kitchens complete with bar areas to create a natural gathering spot.

 Dining Tables | Using concrete blocks to create a beautiful outdoor dining table completes the dining experience. Naturally wind resistant and durable, concrete block tables are a cost-effective alternative to other outdoor
 furniture options.

 Columns and Seatwalls | Incorporating lighting into columns creates a dramatic finishing architectural effect.  Seatwalls are added to delineate space and create additional seating space.

Check out this before and after design incoporating outdoor living elements